B. King’s Firearms (BKF) is a veteran owned and operated manufacturer,
specializing in AR-15 and AR-10 parts and accessories. The owner of BKF, Blake
King, spent years deployed in the Middle East during his service in the United
States Marine Corp. At the end of his proud service in the U.S.M.C., Blake still
fostered a desire to assist in the area, and took on a new role as a private security
contractor. Capitalizing on the skills he learned in the U.S.M.C., Blake provided
countless hours of high threat mobile security in a variety of settings, from the
mundane to the highly classified. In addition to the years spent in the Middle East,
Blake served time in a variety of countries on Four different continents, all before
reaching the age of 30. In total, he spent over twelve years serving and defending
the country he knows and loves; the U.S.A. As a product of all his years spent
utilizing and mastering a variety of weapons systems, Blake has learned and
appreciates the value of high quality equipment, which is why BKF carries only the
highest quality products available on the market. Pictured above, we find the
owner with his team on one of his many tours overseas, at a sensitive location in

     Customer Service is our number one priority. We at B. King’s Firearms are also consumers, we understand there is nothing worse than ordering a part and waiting weeks for delivery when it was listed in stock. Our shipping times on in stock items are typically 2-4 days or 5-7 days (high volume) and 2-4 weeks for backordered items unless otherwise stated. We make several orders each week so backordered items are added to our next order with that Manufacture. If you decide to backorder, you will still be charged the 8% CC Fee for canceling the order. For any questions please use the contact us. If you already have an order with us you can reply back to your order confirmation email, email [email protected] or give us a call at 419-641-1032. Thank you!

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