BKF Warranty

B. Kings Firearms Limited Lifetime Warranty  (Disclaimer:  This Limited Lifetime Warranty covers only BKF products.)

B. Kings Firearms Limited Lifetime Warranty

     This Limited Lifetime Warranty is limited to defects in materials and workmanship of the product as supplied by the manufacturer.

What Does This Limited Lifetime Warranty Cover? 

     Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any BKF product that is purchased from us (“Product”) which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship as long as the product is used normally and used in accordance with the purposes it was designed for. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions provided below. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid only if you are the original purchaser of the Product. The Limited Lifetime Warranty may not be transferred.

What Does This Limited Lifetime Warranty Not Cover? 


  • Accident or collision
  • Improper use, installation, maintenance or service
  • Combination of our product with other third-party product(s) which fail
  • Abuse, misuse, modification, or neglect
  • Failure to follow directions
  • Not following the proper break-in procedure
  • Use of any Steel cased ammo

What B. Kings Firearms will not do under our Limited Lifetime Warranty

     This limited Lifetime warranty does not assume the risk of loss during shipment.  If there is a warranty claim on a product(s), this limited Lifetime warranty won’t insure the product(s) during the shipment back to us.  B. Kings Firearms does not insure the item as it is shipped back to us. We recommend that insurance is purchased for the return.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure the return of the product(s) to B. Kings Firearms in the same condition when they originally received the products.

Warranty Claim Process

     Please refer to our Return Policy for the process of starting a Warranty Claim.

     After the claim is started and the item is returned, we will inspect the item and decide what the issue was.  We may offer a replacement for the product(s) or a refund of the product(s) after our inspection.  After our inspection a replacement will depend on what the issue is deemed.

BKF Barrel Accuracy Guarantee:

     B. Kings Firearms barrels are manufactured by a Top Tier Barrel Manufacturer to our specifications. B. Kings Firearms barrels are made for combat and heavy duty use. We rate all of our Pinned Gas Block models for full auto use.

     We guarantee 1 MOA or better on all BKF barrels when used with match grade ammunition.  From there, it is up to the completed system including receivers, bolts, headspace, ammunition, optics, trigger, shooter, etc. Since we are not able to qualify the system, we cannot guarantee accuracy of the complete system. 

B. Kings Firearms Proper Break In Procedure for Barrels

     Barrel break-in will depend on the type of steel and coatings in the barrel. Generally speaking, QPQ barrels do not need break-in, but those seeking maximum accuracy will want to follow an abbreviated session outlined below. 

*Note- Shooters may use any solvent to dissolve and clean copper in the bore so long as it is appropriate to the application and will not mar the finish of the bore. Consult with the manufacturer of the solvent to ensure appropriate application. 

     All shooting should be in a cold bore. No more than one shot every five seconds. 

*Note- To ensure appropriate break-in, these procedures must be the first shots out for the bore. B. Kings Firearms does not recommend rapid fire immediately upon receipt until after break-in or an extended slow-fire session for accuracy testing. 

4150 Barrels

  1. Shoot once, clean copper out. Repeat this five times. 
  2. Shoot three rounds, clean copper out. 
  3. Shoot five rounds, clean copper out. 
  4. Shoot ten rounds, clean copper out. 

Caution: DO NOT use sectional steel cleaning rods like those found in military cleaning kits. Multi-sectional steel rods can damage the bore of bare stainless barrels when used incorrectly.