M4 MOD-1 Rifles/Pistols

M4 MOD-1 Rifles/Pistols: The M4 Mod-1 line represents the pinnacle of the BKF brand; the “crème de la crème”. Taking all of the functional cues made popular in the BKF and M4 Mod-0 series, the M4 Mod-1 focuses on the needs and requirements of the high-end custom builder. Utilizing the same high-quality, premium blocks of 7075-T6 aluminum, the M4 Mod-1 series stays true to the “Made in the U.S.A.” ethos, but with a twist. The machine work on these sets, while focusing on tight tolerances and enhanced fit and function, pays extra attention to the style and aesthetics desired by today’s top builders. Machined pocket cuts, aside from providing an eye-catching design, greatly reduce the overall weight on the receivers and rails, providing a light, one- of-a-kind build. The high quality machine-work on these receiver sets lends itself perfectly to a multitude of cerakote finishes, from battleworn to custom one-off theme jobs. The M4 Mod-1 line also includes buffer systems and springs matched to the gas system, barrel length, and caliber, polished Nickel Teflon triggers, and Combat Control kits standard to all builds. The M4 Mod-1 line from BKF raises the bar for your next build.